Our Story

In 1991 Medipost Pharmacy identified a need amongst its customers to have their medication delivered to them on a regular basis. Market research informed us that the need and opportunity for a national pharmacy extended beyond our existing customer base.

Developing this opportunity led towards the establishment of Medipost as the first national pharmacy in South Africa, and this remains our core business today. We offer our nationwide customers their chronic medication and other healthcare products at competitive fees and distribute the medication to them by courier, at no additional cost.

Today, Medipost dispenses approximately 900 000 prescriptions per month to satisfied customers.

Our service is specialised, reliable, fast and nationwide. Every prescription and every call matters. The very reason why Medipost Call Centre can handle calls in all 11 languages.

Medipost accepts the responsibility to ensure customer satisfaction on a consistent basis. Customer satisfaction means that the correct medicine items are delivered to the correct address on the agreed day.


Our Vision

To become the Preferred Provider of Medication Management to all South Africans

Our Mission

To the Patient

Ensures that the right medication is consistently delivered:

  • To the right patient
  • At the right place
  • At the right price
  • At the right time
To the Medical Scheme

Medipost offers competitive dispensing fees and comprehensive reporting capabilities including formulary advice and medication usage patterns in a controlled and fraud free environment.

Our Business Offering

The cornerstones of Medipost’s business model are:

  • Quality reliable and customer centric service
  • Continues skills development and improved staff professionalism
  • Free delivery anywhere in South Africa
  • Innovative IT Technology and systems, with ongoing drive to improve technology
  • Tried and tested documented work processes and standard procedures

1736 Staff Members

469 Pharmacists and Pharmacist Assistants


192 Call Center Agents

595000 Satisfied Patients


730000 Prescriptions per Month

Medipost employs 1736 staff members, of which 469 are highly skilled pharmacists and pharmacist assistants with dedicated medical scheme responsibilities.

Medipost has a 192 seat call centre with advanced inbound as well as outbound capacity. This is a help desk with advanced technology rendering a service in 11 official languages.

Medipost also prides itself in its ability to implement sound chronic medicine supply and management systems ensuring adherence to Good Pharmacy Practices (GPP) and patient convenience.

Medipost is a national pharmacy, delivering medication to more than 595 000 satisfied patients across South Africa.

Medipost has a specialized facility for Oncology, Renal and HIV medication management. Medipost has dedicated specialized staff and pharmacists who are aware of the latest treatment regimens. These staff members have personal relationships with the Managed Care Organisation staff and can offer specialized counseling and medication advice to patients.

Medipost your NHI Partner for holistic chronic medicine management.